What Parents Say

  • How glad we are that we found your drama camps. Our 9 year old daughter was struggling to settle into her new school and had lost her ‘zing’ as a result…After sending Keira to one of your camps she really regained her confidence. She also had a really great time and made a lovely new friend. She returned to school with a stronger sense of self and as a result finally settled at her new school. Thank you to your wonderful staff who are always caring and enthusiastic in their approach to the kids! Priscilla McCorriston Dulwich Hill
  • I thought you might like a little story about a life lesson my boy seems to have learned from the program. One day last week he and his cousins decided to put on a show, but were having a few disagreements about how they should do it. I overheard him saying to them "When I was at ‘Kids Up Front’ doing the show, we all had to work together as a team and we made a fantastic show, and if we all work together as a team now we can make it even fantastic-er." It seemed to work, they cooperated a bit better and produced something pretty coherent! Helen Dakin Kegworth
  • A big thank you to you and your team. Both girls really enjoyed themselves, I'm almost certain I am going to face disappointment from Mimi tomorrow as she remembers the camp is over. The show was fabulous - I don't know how they do it in one week, and everyone getting a part and being special. Just wonderful! Sarah Gullotta Artarmon
  • My daughter is doing the camp for the first time and she came home last night saying she had "Epic fun" ! She loves it,...thank you. Laura Lunaro Kegworth
  • My children, are having "the best time of their life" as they have told each day. On the first day they were reluctant to go. A bit apprehensive I guess - the fear of the unknown. Now they can't get out of the door fast enough - they absolutely love it :) It has been such a confidence booster and has taught them that even ifyou're a little nervous about trying something new, you should try it because you may just love it. Thanks so much. Margie Harmey Chatswood