Our Story

Our Story

In 2013 Karin Clifford the founder of Kids Up Front brought our holiday workshops to Auckland, her home town...

Since 1999 thousands of children have benefitted from the Kids Up Front program in Sydney and Melbourne. The program has been developed with years of experience in the industry and a collaboration of a dedicated team of teachers.

Kids Up Front provide after school drama classes designed to develop children’s confidence and self esteem. The classes are fun and dynamic and children learn skills of improvising, working as part of a team and devising theatre. Each year around twenty groups work with their teacher and devise their own pieces to perform at the theatre in our annual shows.

The hugely popular ‘Performing Arts Holiday Workshops’ give children the opportunity to develop skills through an intensive week of singing , acting and dancing culminating in a show on the last day.

Each holiday program is themed such as: The Circus, Toy Story in Opportunity Land, Ghost Theatre, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Narnia to name a few. Children love the holiday programs and they offer parents a meaningful alternative for vacation care. (The extended hours till 5.30pm are a consideration for working parents).

The kids in Auckland love our performing arts camps and we are usually full in super quick time especially in the older groups.

Our Mission

What drives Karin is her passion for developing children’s confidence, communication skills and self esteem through having fun and working as a team.

These Life skills are important now and in the future as a child in the classroom and playground to the young adult entering the workforce and beyond.

Kids Up Front’s holiday workshops aim to build children’s performance skills and confidence daily. Every child works and develops at their level. It is never a competition and our objective is for everyone to have 100% fun and be proud of their achievements.

Our Point of Difference

We are not linked to any talent agencies with a hidden agenda. Our holiday workshops are for ALL children who want to have FUN and grow and develop.

Children have the opportunity to contribute to the dances and scripts. Every child who is involved has a part to play. We ensure that each child has their turn to shine in their own unique way and celebrate their input.