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  • How do we enrol?

    If you have never enrolled with us, you will need to set up your online account with your contact details and children’s information. You can pay online by credit card or elect to have an invoice emailed to you to pay by bank transfer. Once you have completed the enrolment process you will receive your account login details for any future bookings and confirmation of your enrolment by email.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our rate for January 2024 is $425 per 5 day camp.

    The rate is subject to change

  • What are the Age Groups?

    Children aged from 5 to 13 years are invited to attend!

  • What times can we drop off and pick up?

    For your convenience we have an early morning drop off from 8:00am and late pick up until 5:25pm every day except for the last day/Show Day, when the Workshop ends around 4pm (after the show).

    Please note our supervisor has a long day. We need you to be there to pick up your child by 5:30pm at the very latest. (Fines apply for late comers!)

  • Do I need to book the after-hours care?

    You don’t need to book the before and after care.

  • What do we need to bring?

    Children need to bring a packed recess, lunch and water bottle and wear comfortable clothes.

    (Please note there is no microwave or boiled water available for noodles, etc).

  • What time is the workshop?

    The workshop runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm much like a day at school with a break for recess and lunch.

  • Will my child be grouped with their friends?

    We group children according to their age. If their friends are the same age (and you have mentioned them on the online booking form) we endeavour to keep them in the same group. Friends who are different ages will usually be in different groups for the morning sessions but everyone is together for lunch and the afternoon sessions. The groupings are completed when we have the final numbers as each group has a maximum of 20 children. Groupings may change each holidays depending on numbers. Kids Up Front reserves the right to group the children the way that makes the most sense of the enrolments.

  • Are there any boys?

    Yes, we have boys who love being a part of our workshops.

  • How big are the groups? What is the ratio of adults to students?

    We have a ratio of one adult to twenty children. The group size has a maximum of twenty students. We staff our workshop according to how many students we have. We have a specialist drama, singing and dance teacher and management staff.

  • Do we need to buy costumes?

    We don’t expect parents to go and buy costumes but it does make the show special if the children bring a ‘costume’ (something suitable for their character from home) for the show.

  • What time is the show on?

    The show is on the last day of the week (usually Friday unless there are public holidays during the week) at 3.00pm. After the show, the workshop is over. We do not offer after care on the Friday.

  • What if my child doesn’t like it?

    In the very rare event that a child doesn’t enjoy the program and does not want to participate we will refund the fees. We are very confident that your child will enjoy their time with us!

  • Can I enrol online with an iPad or iPhone?

    Our application does not work on iPads and iPhones for bookings at this stage. You will need a desktop computer to complete the enrolment.